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Kids' Music

Miss Gina has taught dance to children in the LA area for over 25 years. She wrote these songs with movement in mind. Just try to sit still when you hear some of these wonderful gems. Many people have sent in fan mail on how lovely it was to have children’s music that is also fun for the parents to listen to as well.

You can book Miss Gina for your child’s birthday party, or contact us and we can give you ideas on how to throw a perfect birthday party right in your own home. Complete with goodie bag ideas and arts and crafts for your party guests and decorations. We have dance numbers choreographed so you can teach your kids a few dances to some of the songs.

There are lyric sheets as well so the kids that read can learn the songs quickly.  Click here to listen and buy "Miss Gina’s Rompin’ Stompin’ Roundup".

Have fun!

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